congrats on your faces: a 1D masterpost

alternate titles: what are they feeding you, the thirst is real, what the fuck

thanks to all my twitter friends for helping me out
i love you all

these vogue pics fucked me up so bad

whose brilliant idea was it to give Harry Styles a puppy
they should be fired

i’m clutching my face right now i need a drink of water

louis is just on his knees…..o n  h i s  k n e e s

just in case you wanted some blue-eyed steel ^^^^

i just

if you hate harry styles say i (i)

fun fact: i had to use my inhaler the day this happened

this is my face when i scroll through pictures of 1D
i like to call it ‘amused but slightly suicidal’

what if i wallpapered my house w. this

gurl look @ dat body

fuck off zayn the world isn’t your runway [2439468]

christmas card realness…the puppy isn’t amused, neither am i

i’m sorry i wasn’t aware we were walking the runways of milan right now

it’s just like looking at an angel

are you crying yet?

i have really unpure thoughts right now

help me: louis feels

smoldering stares reducing me to a puddle on the floor

o n  h i s  k n e e s [2]

harry and zayn were too busy being extra pretty for this photo
enjoy the three that did participate

what did i ever do to deserve this

fuck you to whoever told liam they were confusing him with harry bc of the hair
you ruined it for the rest of us

i still would

i wonder if there are any bridges near my apartment

hahahahahahaha why

this still counts this still shows his face (what if i want to lick your lower back)

i’ve never wanted to fling myself off a cliff more than i did this day

please note sagging jeans and superman belt

crying tears of blood wbu

what is it with 1D boys and SLOUCHING sit up i want to straddle you

i want u 2 rock me

your lap looks really comfy can i sit down on it

i honestly don’t even have a witty caption for this one

what kind of doe-eyed baby-faced magic creature

how did this get in here (i still would)

aha all i can think about is the bulge that this pic cuts off

2nite let’s get sum

this makes me want to cuddle up under your arm
then see where that takes us

bubblegum lips and fingers

you look like i just made you part of the mile high club


do you ever cry bc you can’t touch

k goodbye crying into my pillow

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